Withywoods is a valley in the Six Duchies, the former home of Chivalry Farseer and Lady Patience.

Events Edit

The Farseer Trilogy Edit

After King-in-Waiting Chivalry learns of his illegitimate son FitzChivalry, he gives up his claim to the throne and he and his wife Patience retire to Withywoods. Chivalry dies at the estate and his body is buried there. Lady Patience leaves Withywoods and returns to Buckkeep.

The Tawny Man Trilogy Edit

Patience ensures that Withywoods passes to Nettle Farseer, Chivalry's granddaughter through Fitz, by bequeathing the lands to her through Burrich, her foster father. Molly and her younger children move to the estate, and after renewing his courtship with her, Fitz settles there as well.

The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy Edit

Fitz and Molly lead a quiet existence at Withywoods for many years. Chade appoints Revel as the new steward of the estate. Bee Farseer is born at Withywoods. Shun and Lant join the household.

At Winterfest, Ellik, Dwalia, and several other Servants lead a raid on Withywoods. Revel, the stablemasters Tallman and Tallerman, and various others are killed; Lant and others are injured; and several servants are raped. The stables are burned down, the pantry is ransacked for food supplies, and there is much damage to the house and its decorations.

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