The Wit Coterie was a group of witted individuals that worked together to serve Dutiful Farseer before and during his reign.

The Coterie was first formed as a results of the meetings between Queen Kettricken and the Old Bloods, where they tried to discuss a way to stop the killing of Witted ones throughout The Six Duchies. At the end of the meetings Web becomes the official Witted representative in Buckkeep, known as the Witmaster (fashioned after the publicly unfilled position of SKillmaster). Cockle, the minstrel, also remains at Buckkeep in order to teach the history and culture of the Old Bloods. Civil Bresinga becomes the first openly witted Noble, showing that the "old blood" is not a disease of the lower peoples. The queen also declares that Buckkeep is a safe haven for any witted individuals who wish to seek her protection.

These witted representatives at court begin spending a lot of time with Dutiful, outwardly so that he can learn more about his witted people, but secretly so he can learn about his own wit powers. This group grows very close to Dutiful and requests to accompany him on his mission to Aslevjal to kill the dragon Icefyre. Despite Lord Chade's objections the members are allowed to come along, including Web's new witted page Swift. During the mission, the Wit Coterie turns out to be vital in actually finding Icefyre's location under the glacial ice. However, as they get closer and closer to uncovering Icefyre, the members of the Wit Coterie become opposed to Dutiful's mission to kill the dragon. To this end, Web's companion Risk flies to Bingtown to inform Tintaglia of Icefyre's location and then begins to lead her back to Aslevjal.

After the Prince and his party return to Buckkeep the Wit Coterie is honored for their efforts to support the Prince. Particularly Swift is honored for killing Kebal Rawbread's Stone Dragon, and is officially made a member of the Wit Coterie.