Web is the last of a long line of Old Bloods . Although the old bloods have no nobles per say, Web is well respected because of his roots. Web has a Wit bond with the seabird Risk.

Golden FoolEdit

Web is a member of the Old Blood delegation that comes to Buckkeep at Queen Kettricken's request. During the three days of meetings he is the only one to take no measures to hide his identity. He imediately starts reaching out to Fitz, who is known as Tom Badgerlock, and through him gains an introduction to the guardsroom where he shares a meal with the Buckkeep Guard, awnsering their questions and getting to know them. In particular he befriends Blade Havershawk, who acknowledges that once there was one of their own who was witted and they loved him all the same, Fitz. Fitz recongizes that in a single night Web does more to advance the Old Blood cause than the entire day's official discussions.

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