Vivacia is the liveship of the Vestrit family.

Events Edit

Vivacia is captained by Ephron Vestrit until his death, which coincides with her quickening. After quickening, she is given to Ephron's daughter Keffria. Her husband, Kyle Haven, then captains the ship until it is taken by the pirate Kennit, who becomes captain.

Vivacia is very much charmed by Kennit, and comes to realize she would rather have him as captain than Kyle, as Kennit treats her well and pays her lots of attention and compliments.

Gradually, the ship learns to be independent of her family due to Wintrow's unwillingness to be aboard her and his attempts to hold himself separate from her. This is a contrast for Vivacia with Kennit's base need to be loved by a liveship, and several times, she defends Kennit over Wintrow.

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