Thymara is a Rain Wilder who was heavily marked at birth. Ostracized for her physical appearance, she readily joins the expedition to assist the young dragons in finding the legendary city of Kelsingra.

Character Edit

Thymara was born so marked by the Rain Wilds that she had black claws instead of nails, which led to her being left to die of exposure. Her father Jerup retrieved her and saved her life, to the general disapproval of his peers.

Thymara is shy because of her claws, and prefers to be ignored by others. She has long black hair that she usually wears braided, and she is a remarkably good climber and hunter. When the dragons hatched at Cassarick, she was eleven years old, and one of the few present who could understand their communications. 

Events Edit

Dragon Keeper Edit

Thymara and her father visit Cassarick to view the hatching of the dragons. Thymara is disturbed when the hatchlings are deformed; she also realizes she can hear their speech.

Several years later, Thymara is informed of an offer of employment from her mother. Her friend Tats reveals that the offer is to accompany the young dragons on an expedition to find a new place for them to settle. Thymara insists on taking this offer, despite understanding that it functions as an exile for all involved.

Dragon Haven Edit

Thymara's back has continued to ache from what appears to be a wound but is eventually revealed to be wings, artfully created by Sintara, forming beneath her skin. Sintara is proud of her work but Thymara grows angry, accusing the dragon of turning her into another creature with beautiful but useless wings. 

City of Dragons Edit

Blood of Dragons Edit

Thymara realizes that Rapskal's mind will never again be separate from Tellator, someone she does not love, and decides to permanently ends any romantic or possibly romantic relationship with him.

At the end of Blood of Dragons, Thymara and Tats venture on a hillside while watching the mating battles taking place between the dragons above. It is at this time that Thymara playfully runs from Tats and leaps from a ravine, taking flight on her own wings for the first time. Shortly after, Thymara takes Tats as a mate and it is implied that their romantic relationship will be a lasting one. 

Fool's Quest Edit

Thymara is seen in Fool's Quest, when Fitz and his companions visit Kelsingra. Thymara and Tats petition Fitz to heal their daughter Fillia with the Skill. Fitz does so successfully; afterwards, Thymara expresses her gratitude.


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