The Out Islands, also known as the Gods' Runes by their inhabitants, are a number of islands located northeast of the Six Duchies.

Geography Edit

Little is known about the geography of the Out Islands in the Six Duchies, and they are frequently undepicted on maps. Maps created by Outislanders are subject to many traditions and rules, such as needing to be made of terrestrial or aquatic animal skins to depict land or water respectively, and requiring that each island is depicted as its corresponding rune in the alphabet. Because of this, Outisland maps are difficult for foreigners to read.

The following islands are known:

  • Aslevjal, home to Icefyre
  • Mayle, home to Wuislington, the motherlands of the Narwhal Clan
  • Skyrene, home to the Boar Clan and Zylig, the largest Outisland port

Society and Culture Edit

The Out Islands are inhabited by a number of independent warrior clans, each with its own animal emblem. The following Clans are known:

  • Badger
  • Bear
  • Boar
  • Eagle
  • Fox
  • Gull
  • Narwhal
  • Otter
  • Owl
  • Raven
  • Seal

There is no single leader or governing body for the clans, with the exception of the Hetgurd, which is composed of a war leader, or kaempra, from each clan.

The Outislander society is matriarchal. Women are landholders and leaders of their clans, and children are considered the property of their mother or mother's family.

Events Edit

The Red Ship Raiders hail from the Out Islands.

Prince Dutiful is betrothed to the Narcheska Elliania Blackwater to facilitate a lasting peace between the Six Duchies and the Out Islands.