Tats is a boy with a tattooed face who lives in the Rain Wild city of Trehaug. Not much about his life before he came to live in the Rain Wilds is known, but he was most likely a slave who was freed. He is one of the Dragon Keepers, and a good friend of Thymara.

His tattoos consist of a small horse by his nose and a spider web on his cheek to denote that he was born into slavery. His mother was enslaved for being a thief and quickly returned to her life of crime after being freed into the Rain Wilds.

He is Keeper to Fente, a small, fiery tempered, green dragon who slowly turns him into an Elderling.

Dragon KeeperEdit

Dragon HavenEdit

City of DragonsEdit

Blood of DragonsEdit

At the end of Blood of Dragons, Thymara and Tats venture on a hillside while watching the mating battles taking place between the dragons above. It is at this time that Thymara playfully runs from Tats and leaps from a ravine, taking flight on her own wings for the first time. Shortly after, Thymara takes Tats as her lover and it is implied that their romantic relationship will be a lasting one.

Fool's Quest Edit

Tats is seen in Fool's Quest, when Fitz and his companions visit Kelsingra. Thymara and Tats petition Fitz to heal their daughter Fillia with the Skill.

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