Symphe is one of the Four, the leaders of the Servants.

Character Edit

The title Symphe is assigned to the female member of the Four who occupies the north tower at the school in Clerres, and presumably always wears red.

The current Symphe is the only one of the Four who does not believe the prophecy of the Unexpected Son has already come to pass, instead agreeing with Dwalia's insistence that the conditions were not fulfilled. She assisted in planning Dwalia's mission to retrieve the Unexpected Son from the Six Duchies, including the release of the Fool as a lead for Dwalia to follow. Symphe is also the source of the serpent fluids given to Vindeliar, which facilitate his Skill-like talents.

Events Edit

Symphe, along with the other Four, listen to Dwalia's story when she arrives in Clerres with Bee Farseer. After Dwalia finishes, the Four have her whipped. Symphe initially asks for Dwalia to receive five lashes from her, but is forced to amend the count to ten. Symphe then has Bee imprisoned in a cell.

Capra quickly takes control of Bee from Symphe, citing Symphe's misconduct in collaborating with Dwalia and staging the escape of the Fool without the approval of the other Four.

Symphe secretly removes Bee from her cell at night and brings her to one of the school's torture cells, where Dwalia and Vindeliar are waiting. She gives Vindeliar a container of serpent essence in order that he interrogate Bee. Bee tips her lamp over, setting Symphe's clothes on fire. She then grabs a shard of glass and cuts Symphe's throat, leaving her to die.

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