Svanja Hartshorn is a resident of Buckkeep Town who enters into a relationship with Hap.

Svanja begins seeing Hap against the wishes of her father Rory. Fitz also disapproves of Svenja, as he blames Svenja for Hap's lack of discipline and failure to excel in his apprenticeship.

Svanja enjoys receiving gifts and attention from Hap. She also appears to enjoy the illicit nature of their relationship, which requires that they sneak around their families and meet secretly at night.

Svanja had previously been attached to a sailor before she met Hap. When the sailor returns to Buckkeep, wealthy from his trading, Svanja takes up with him again. Her sudden withdrawal of affection shocks Hap. After the sailor departs again, Svanja manages to rekindle Hap's affection by claiming that her parents forced her to spurn him.

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