Sorcor is one of Kennit's pirate followers. He was first mate on the Marietta, until Kennit captured the Vivacia, and promoted him to captain of the Marietta.

Sorcor is highly intelligent though uneducated, and capable of doing complex mathematics in his head. Aboard the Marietta he is, along with Kennit, the only person able to navigate a chart. Sorcor is often underestimated by Kennit, who takes three years to even realise that Sorcor is passionate about something.

A former slave himself, he is virulently anti-slavery, and Kennit's campaign against the slavers was originally Sorcor's idea. Despite being a pirate, Sorcor is generally a good person, good-hearted and sympathetic to those in need. He even comes to view Wintrow Vestrit with almost paternal toleration. He is firmly devoted to his wife Alyssum, and fiercely loyal to and defensive of Kennit, who he believes he is incredibly close to, often referring to their "friendship".

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