Smithy is a puppy who is the second Wit-bond partner of FitzChivalry Farseer.

Events Edit

Smithy is born to Lady Patience's dog Snowflake. Fitz sees him with his mother and littermates in their basket in Patience's room. Noticing this, Patience grabs Smithy from the basket and thrusts him into Fitz's arms. Smithy is immediately enraptured with Fitz, and their mind-sharing instantly forms a Wit-bond.

Fitz is forced to keep Smithy in his room to prevent Burrich from learning of his existence and their bond. When Fitz begins his Skill-training, he is punished for filching meat from the kitchens to feed Smithy, as it is believed he is cheating on his diet. The Fool volunteers to feed and care for Smithy while Fitz is training. After Galen's Skill-command nearly causes Fitz to kill himself, Burrich meets Smithy and declares that it is unkind of Fitz to keep the dog in his room. Smithy is moved to the stables.

When Galen warns Fitz not to draw strength from anyone during his final test, Fitz believes he is referring to Smithy. Smithy is disappointed when Fitz leaves for the test.

While Fitz is away, Smithy is awakened by an intruder in the stables, who attacks Burrich. Smithy defends Burrich against the intruder, later revealed to be Cob. Smithy saves Burrich's life but is badly stabbed. Fitz feels this injury through his bond and promises Smithy he will arrive in time to save him, but Smithy dies before Fitz returns to Buckkeep.