Sintara, formerly the serpent Sisarqua of Maulkin's Tangle, is a dragon who hatched in the Rain Wilds. Her keeper is Thymara.

Character Edit

Sintara is a female blue dragon. Like the other dragons hatched in the Rain Wilds, she displays some physical deformities: one of her hind legs is stronger than the other, and one of her wings is smaller and weaker than the other. Sintara loathes her mismatched wings, believing herself incapable of flight and therefore incapable of producing offspring.

Sintara is exceptionally vain, even for a dragon. When she hatches, she is briefly disappointed to have blue scales, as blue is the most common color for a dragon. Despite her dislike for her imperfect body, she insists that it be immaculately groomed and derives enormous pleasure from the delicate patterns and colors that emerge in her wings as she grows.  

The Dragon KeeperEdit

Dragon HavenEdit

Sintara also claims Alise as a keeper though only good for praise. Selfish and protective of what is hers, during the flash flood she risks herself to save her Dragon Keepers. She frequently has dreams of ancient luxuries and of flying. She believes herself to be the best of the surviving dragon queens outside of Tintaglia and initially despises both herself and the other dragons for their infirmities. Supremely jealous, she keeps constant rivalry with the other queens.

City of DragonsEdit

Refusing to be left behind, she is the second dragon of the group to begin to fly and the first with enough memories to activate parts of the city of Kelsingra

Blood of DragonsEdit

At the end of Blood of Dragons, Sintara takes Mercor as a mate after an intense mating battle.