Shine Fallstar, also known by her alias Shun, is the daughter of Chade Fallstar.

History Edit

Shine's mother is an unnamed woman whom Chade slept with during a festival. The woman and her family used Shine's existence to extort money from Chade in exchange for keeping her parentage secret. When Shine's stepfather began mistreating her, Chade removed her from the household and began training her as his apprentice. Shine's stepfather discovered her location and attempted to poison her, but failed, killing a kitchen boy instead. Chade then sends Shine, under the alias Shun, to Withywoods in order that Fitz might better protect her.

Character Edit

Shun is self-involved and attention-seeking. She flirts extravagantly with FitzVigilant, both of whom are unaware that they are half-siblings. Bee dislikes her.

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