The Servants are an organization devoted to collecting and interpreting prophecies.

History Edit

The Servants call Clerres home.

The main priority of the Servants appears to be collecting and interpreting prophecy for their own economic and political gain. The Servants are also the keepers of most Whites and White Prophets, even promoting breeding programs for them.

The Fool suggests that the Servants' aims are directly opposite to his own, particularly where dragons are concerned. It is suggested that the Servants were involved in the near-extinction of the dragon species during the time of the cataclysm.

Tintaglia confirms that the Servants have harmed and killed dragons (this information was given to her by Icefyre as her(Tintaglia) memories are not complete).

Rapskal (who also has this information from Icefyre) says that with the help of the Abominations, the Servants have ransacked the nesting beach (Other's Island), stealing dragon eggs and killing/imprisoning the hatchling serpents. The abominations sold serpent parts (harvested from imprisoned/killed serpents) and sold them.

Structure Edit

The Servants are divided into several ranks:

  • The Four are the heads of the Servants; one lives in each of the four towers of their headquarters in Clerres. The current four are Capra, Coultrie, Fellowdy, and Symphe.
  • The Manipulators study and interpret dreams with the goal of increasing the Servants' wealth and power.
  • The Lingstras are responsible for the keeping of Servants below their rank as well as completing errands that send them beyond Clerres.
  • The Collators are responsible for the maintenance and indexing of the Servants' vast library of dreams.
  • The Luriks are those Servants who have White blood but are not White Prophets. This manifests as a variety of abilities, including precise memory of prophecy, skill in dream interpretation, or mild magical ability.
  • The Servitors are the lowliest rank, essentially servingfolk.

Events Edit

Assassin's Fate Edit

The Servants' library of dream-scrolls is burned by Bee Farseer. The dragons, led by Tintaglia, Heeby, and the two dragons that emerged from the liveship Paragon, then destroy Clerres.