Sedric Meldar is a childhood friend of Alise Kincarron and secretary to Hest Finbok.  

Character Edit

Sedric is kind but somewhat vain and fastidious; he enjoys a pampered lifestyle. This fondness for "niceness" led to estrangement from his father, who wished Sedric to work as a deckhand. Instead, Sedric took a less-desirable position as Hest Finbok's secretary.

Sedric is secretly involved in a long-term sexual and romantic relationship with Hest. Sedric is enamored with Hest despite the latter's frequent cruelty and the negative effect this relationship has on Hest's marriage with Alise.

Events Edit

He accompanies Alise on her journey to the Rain Wilds. He is the older brother of Sophie Meldar. He is deceiving to Alise and the cause of her unhappy marriage to Hest Finbok, whom she cannot release herself from because of a tainted contract. Hest is devoted to ignoring Alise. 

Sedric is sent as assistant to Alise as a punishment from Hest because Sedric pointed out that Hest had promised Alise that she could go to Cassarick to study the dragons. On the way to Cassarick and on most of the voyage on the liveship Tarman, Sedric is selfish and cold to Alise about her relationship with Tarman's captain, Leftrin. Leftrin is often annoyed with Sedric and often thinks of him as "a spoiled twit of a fellow". Sedric originally wanted to sell dragon blood and scales to the ailing Duke of Chalced, who is desperate for dragon parts to heal himself. He succeeds in gathering some dragon flesh, scales and blood. He reforms after drinking a vial of a dragon Relpda's blood and developing a connection with her and becoming Relpda's keeper. Sedric saves Relpda from Jess Torkef, whom wanted to kill Relpda for her parts, and feeds Jess to Relpda. 

After that point, Sedric becomes less aristocratic and more hard working. He is turned into an Elderling by Relpda. After being rescued by the hunter Carson Lupskip, Sedric begins to develop a relationship with him. 

When FitzChivalry Farseer visits Kelsingra, it is revealed that Sedric and Carson are raising a child together. Sedric's young daughter is one of the children he heals with his Skill magic. The child had actually been birthed by Jerd, who had decided she was not meant to be a mother, and given the girl to Sedric and Carson to raise. 

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