Sedge is the father of Lucto Ludluck, the grandfather of Kennit, and a former captain of the Liveship Paragon.

It is not known how many children he had, but more than one was left at home when he took Lucto, "his eldest", off to sea. Paragon says that Sedge and Lucto had a tense relationship, and clashed often, because Sedge had "the imagination of a rock". It was Lucto who convinced Sedge into side trade with the Pirate Isles, which bolstered the Ludluck family fortune.

As a reward, Sedge arranged a marriage for his son back in Bingtown, although Lucto was already in love with a girl from the Pirate Isles. When Lucto was 22, Sedge died and although his son mourned him, he never returned home.

Sedge made eighteen successful voyages with Paragon prior to his death.

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