Ronica Vestrit is the wife of Trader Ephron Vestrit. She is the mother to Keffria and Althea, mother-in-law to Kyle Haven, grandmother to Wintrow, Malta, and Selden, and great-grandmother to Ephron Khuprus.

Character Edit

A strong woman, she handled the Vestrit family fortune and lands for years, taking a traditional Bingtown family role that many believed to be outmoded. Nonetheless, she disapproved of her daughter Althea's position above the family liveship Vivacia. When Ephron lingered near death, she convinced her husband to take away the liveship from her younger daughter and grant it instead to Keffria. She disapproved of Althea as a sailor on the basis of both her gender and age as well as fearing that separating the landholdings from the ship would lead the family into ruin. As Kyle Haven led the family into ruinous choices and Althea fled the family, she learned what a horrible mistake she had made.

Attempting to make the best of a bad situation, she struggled to keep the house finances going while Kyle attempted to save the family fortune. She argued against slavery and The New Traders in the Trader Concourse and maintained old friendships as best she could.

Events Edit

When the family liveship debt was purchased by the Khuprus family, she attempted to continue to pay the mounting debts by gold, rather than selling off her granddaughter Malta to Reyn Khuprus. Eventually the debt is forgiven but she is beggared and declared a traitor to Bingtown, forced on the run with the former slave Rache.

She helps negotiate the deal to save Bingtown with the dragon Tintaglia and helps finance the refitting of the liveship Paragon. She is returned to fortune by her daughter Althea's marriage to Brashen Trell and her granddaughter's marriage to Reyn Khuprus.