Riddle is a member of Prince Dutiful's guard chosen to travel to Aslevjal.

Events Edit

Fool's Fate Edit

Riddle join Fitz, who is disguised as Tom Badgerlock, as a member of the Prince's Guard. Fitz likes him immediately, noting that he is easy-going but very perceptive.

After the group reaches Aslevjal, Riddle is one of the men left to guard their beach camp when the rest make their way over the glacier to Icefyre's body. Riddle is captured by the Pale Woman's associates and Forged. He and the men are thrown in a cell, where they kill one of their associates before assuming a stalemate position with one man in each corner.

Fitz finds them this way after arriving in the Pale Woman's palace with the Fool. He recognizes the men, but makes the decision to leave them for dead.

Riddle regains his sense of self after the Pale Woman's stone dragon, into which is was Forged, is destroyed. Riddle rejoins the group and returns to Buckkeep with them. He remains respectful of Fitz, but wary; Fitz believes that his abandonment of Riddle is to blame for the distance between them.

Fool's Assassin Edit

Fool's Quest Edit

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