Revel is the steward of Withywoods.

Character Edit

Revel is tall, thin, and consistently stern. He has a lavish wardrobe, however, and wears fashionable, colorful clothing.

Revel was appointed by Chade to replace the previous steward. He takes his duties quite seriously, often to Fitz's irritation. Fitz is also somewhat disappointed that Revel lacks both the temperament and the training to function as a personal guard.

Events Edit

At Winterfest, Revel is reluctantly to allow the odd, pale group of people who claim to be minstrels entrance to the festivities, but Fitz overrules him. Revel inquires about Fitz's intentions regarding another pale messenger, only to learn that the knowledge of said messenger never reached Fitz. When Fitz discovers that the messenger has vanished amid signs of a struggle, he sends Revel to guard Molly's bedchamber.

When Ellik and Dwalia raid Withywoods, Revel is run through by one of their soldiers. He manages to tell Bee, Perseverance, and the other children to run and hide before collapsing and dying.

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