Relpda by catsblood-d5zouye

Replda by Catsblood, on deviantART

Relpda is a small copper dragon queen from Maulkin's Tangle. She was one of the most stunted dragons upon hatching, and nearly died on the journey to Kelsingra. Her Keeper is Sedric Meldar


Dragon Keeper Edit

Relpda is so small and deformed when she hatches that no Keeper selects her. She accompanies the other dragons and Keepers on their journey to Kelsingra, but is incapable of hunting for herself or speaking, surviving on the other dragons' scraps. Relpda continually weakens as the group travels and many Keepers and dragons believe she will die.

When Thymara discovers a rasp snake feeding on Sintara, she orders the other dragons checked as well. It is discovered that Relpda is being fed on by a large number of rasp snakes, most of which have been attached to her for long enough to burrow almost completely into her belly. The Keepers remove the rasp snakes to save her life.

Her blood is stolen by Sedric who unwittingly was entranced into consuming it, turning him into her Elderling. The freshly formed bond grants Sedric the ability to speak with dragons and boosts Relpda mentally. However her intellect remains stunted compared to other dragons and her bond with Sedric is intense. She is selfish and childish but unusually devoted to Sedric.

Dragon Haven Edit

During the flashflood Relpda and Sedric are separated from the group while their bond forms. Relpda saves Sedric's life from the river and they meet with Jess Torkef who conspires to kill and butcher Relpda. Though initially supportive, Sedric finds himself unable to let the young dragon perish and instead kills Jess, feeding him to her.

City of Dragons Edit

Blood of Dragons Edit

Spit takes an aggressive interest in Relpda. Also, Relpda becomes the fifth dragon to take flight toward Kelsingra. 

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