Rapskal mounted on Heeby in "Blood of Dragons, by Jackie Morris

is one of the young Rain Wilders who joins the Tarman expedition to find the city of Kelsingra. He becomes keeper to the dragon Heeby.

Character Edit

Rapskal is energetic and imaginative, and often regarded as strange by others. He is optimistic to a fault, and his simplistic outlook leads some to consider him unintelligent. His personality undergoes a dramatic change after he begins delving into Elderling memories in Kelsingra, and he becomes increasingly aggressive.

He is heavily marked by the Rain Wilds, like most of the other keepers, but is considered rather handsome beneath the physical alterations. He and Thymara become fast friends and she is one of the few who put up with his whimsical ramblings, which leads to jealousy from both Nortel and Tats.

Events Edit

Dragon Keeper Edit

Dragon Haven Edit

Rapskal becomes separated from the group by a flash flood, which leaves him and Heeby at an old Elderling home where they find formerly domesticated animals and a magically heated "bed." The source of food and heat quickly grow Heeby who, with constant encouragement, becomes the first of the group to take flight.

City of Dragons Edit

Rapskal and his dragon Heeby become the ones to introduce the other keepers and humans to Kelsingra. Frequent travels to the city with only Heeby as company allowed Rapskal to learn from the past elderlings through the memorystone, which is heavily looked down on by Captain Leftrin. He is also frequently scolded by Alise for tinkering with the buildings and remaining materials left by the elderlings. 

Rapskal finally encourages Thymara into a sexual encounter after the two of them, along with their dragons, find the heated pools. 

Blood of Dragons Edit

Rapskal continues his delving into the memory stone, but it has become to overwhelmingly turn him into neither Rapskal or the warrior Tellator. 

Before Rapskal leads the Elderlings aboard their dragons to war, Thymara ends their complicated romantic relationship, explaining that she loved Rapskal, not Tellator who she believes he has become. 

Fool's Quest Edit

Rapskal catches Amber and Spark obtaining silver from the well in Kelsingra, and chases after them, though he is unable to catch them before they return to the Mountains through the Skill-pillar. When they and Fitz, Perseverance, and Lant arrive in Kelsingra, Rapskal warns them that he knows Amber is a thief and that he intends to see justice done. Fitz notes that Rapskal is much more militaristic than any other Elderling.

When Fitz performs many Skill-healings on the Elderling children, Amber exposes her newly Skill-silvered hand to prevent him from being lost in the Skill. Rapskal proclaims her a thief, which leads to her being seized by the crowd.

Assassin's Fate Edit

Amber uses the gray fingerprints on the back of Malta's neck as evidence that her hands were Skill-silvered before she arrived in Kelsingra. Rapskal is unable to convince the others of her theft.

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