Perseverance, often called Per, is a stable boy at Withywoods.

Character Edit

Perseverance is the son of Tallerman and grandson of Tallman, both of whom served as stablemaster at Withywoods. He often says that he will grow up to be Tallestman in the tradition of his family's names.

Perseverance is able with a sword and good with horses, though he is not well-educated. He forms a fast friendship with Bee Farseer.

Events Edit

Fool's Assassin Edit

Perseverance is assigned the care of Bee's horse, Priss, despite Bee's reluctance to learn how to ride. He encourages her to learn and agrees to teach her, although their lessons are interrupted with the arrival of Lant. Perseverance joins the other children for Lant's classes, having been told to learn how to sign his own name. When Taffy insults Bee during their first lesson, Perseverance is affronted on her behalf, and administers a beating to Taffy that renders him incapable of attending their class the next day.

During Dwalia and Ellik's raid on Withywoods, Perseverance and Bee help the other children hide in the secret passageways of the estate. He then attempts to rescue Bee by fleeing on horseback with her, but is shot by an arrow and falls from his horse. Bee covers him with the butterfly cloak, allowing him to go unseen while the raid progresses.

Before Dwalia and Ellik depart with Bee and Shun, Vindeliar lays a Skill-fogging on the estate that forces the residents of Withywoods to forget the raid. Perseverance is one of the few unaffected by this. He discovers that he is unrecognizable to everyone, including his own mother.

Fool's Quest Edit

Perseverance is finally recognized by Tom Badgerlock when he returns to Withywoods, much to his relief. He insists on accompanying Fitz back to Buckkeep and declares himself dedicated to rescuing Bee.

Perseverance, Lant, and Riddle ride with Fitz when he departs in pursuit of Dwalia's contingent. Fitz drugs them without their knowledge and continues alone. He locates the campsite where Vindeliar lashed out at Ellik and the other soldiers, and quickly discovers that Ellik has been rendered invisible and silent to his men. Fitz duels Ellik, and is on the verge of being injured or killed when the rejuvenated Perseverance arrives. Perseverance runs Ellik through with his sword, killing him.

Perseverance follows Fitz through the Skill-pillars to the Mountain Kingdom, as does Lant. When Fitz expresses his displeasure, Perseverance stubbornly reiterates his commitment to rescuing Bee.

Assassin's Fate Edit

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