This article refers to Paragon Ludluck, son and heir to Kennit.

Not to be confused with Paragon, the Ludluck Family liveship.

Paragon Raven Ludluck, also Paragon Kennitsson, is the son of Kennit Ludluck and Etta. He is named after the family liveship Paragon and the raven that Kennit took as his symbol.

History Edit

As a young man, Kennit promised the Paragon that he would name his child after the ship if he were to have one. Kennit manages to convey this request to Etta, but he dies before Paragon is born. Paragon is raised by Etta and Wintrow Vestrit aboard the Vivacia.

Character Edit

Paragon strongly resembles his father, and appears to have inherited an affinity for fine clothing and jewelry. He is perceived as being slender but soft and somewhat arrogant due to the attentions of his mother and the Raven Fleet, to whom he is royalty.

Events Edit

Golden Fool Edit

Jek passes news of Paragon to Amber, informing her that Paragon looks very like his father and is doted upon by his mother and the entire Raven fleet.

Blood of Dragons Edit

Wintrow mentions in a letter that Paragon has expressed a desire to meet his namesake, but opines that Paragon may be too young to confront his own heritage.

Assassin's Fate Edit

Paragon boards the Paragon in Divvytown, triumphant in finally meeting the ship whose name he bears. He is unaware of the trepidation Etta, Wintrow, and Althea feel about him learning more of his father. However, Paragon does not share memories of Igrot's abuse of Kennit with him.

When Paragon is set on fire in the Clerres harbor, Paragon insists on feeding the ship the Silver that will enable him to escape his wooden body and survive. Paragon dies during the fire, though his body is rescued by Brashen Trell. His body is consumed by the two dragons Paragon became, in order that his memories reside with the rest of those of his family.

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