Ophelia is the liveship of the Tenira family.

Events Edit

After Althea Vestrit is denied a ship's token from the Reaper for having lied about being female, she obtains a job aboard Ophelia, serving as mate on the last leg of the return to Bingtown after she reveals her identity. Althea quickly develops a rapport with the ship, who immediately deduced that she was female. Ophelia pries Althea for details about her personal life, especially curious about Althea's romantic potential with Grag Tenira and Brashen Trell.

Ophelia is bossy, flirty, and more than a little vain. She sustains damage to her wizardwood hands when she is accosted by Chalcedean galleys on the way to Bingtown, and is appreciative when the wood-carver Amber agrees to repair them. Amber ultimately reshapes Ophelia's fingers; the ship admires their new slenderness and inquires as to whether her hairstyle can also be changed.

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