Nosy is a puppy and the first Wit-bond partner of FitzChivalry Farseer.

Events Edit

Fitz meets Nosy shortly after arriving in Buckkeep and quickly becomes close to him. The two form a bond without Fitz realizing it, as he is ignorant of the Wit. He frequently sees through Nosy's eyes and draws comfort from his closeness with the puppy. Burrich discovers the bond and scolds Fitz for practicing what he considers a dangerous and debasing magic. Burrich then removes Nosy from Fitz, apparently killing him. This betrayal is a continuing source of resentment for Fitz.

After Fitz arrives in the Mountain Kingdom, he discovers that Nosy still lives: instead of killing the puppy, Burrich had given him to Prince Rurisk. When Fitz is nearly drowned by Regal, Nosy pulls Fitz out of the water, saving Fitz's life at the expense of his own.