Mercor is a large golden dragon drake from Maulkin's Tangle whose wings bear false eye marks. It is heavily suggested that he formed from the serpent Maulkin. His Elderling and Dragon Keeper is Sylve. He retains the greatest number of ancestral memories of the serpents of Maulkin's Tangle and takes on a leadership role in the group, despite being smaller than Kalo and a male.

His mental strength appears to be superior to the other dragons of the same tangle, he is able to sense the intentions and thoughts of both dragons and humans from greater distances than the others.

Dragon KeeperEdit

Dragon HavenEdit

City of DragonsEdit

Blood of DragonsEdit

At the end of Blood of Dragons, Mercor competes with Baliper and Dortean to become a mate to Sintara. After an intense but quick mating battle Sintara allows Mercor to mate with her. 

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