"Mother" Ludluck is the widow of Lucto Ludluck and the mother of Kennit Ludluck. Her real name is unknown.

She was born and raised in the Pirate Isles, and married "Lucky" after his father's death. She helped him colonize Key Island with his crew, and was present when Igrot the Terrible razed the town.

It is implied that Igrot stayed on Key Island for a time, torturing Lucky to death, and that during this time he began sexually abusing Kennit. Kennit attempted at least once to plot revenge with his mother, but she was afraid of Igrot and kept him quiet. Following Lucky's death, Igrot cut out Mother's tongue and abandoned her alone on the island, taking her son with him.

Paragon remembers Kennit being incredibly homesick and crying for his mother, which further shows how close he was to her. He swore to Paragon that he would go back to Key Island one day and reunite with her.

Kennit has some happy memories of his mother from when he was small, and it is implied that many more were "removed" by Paragon to ease Kennit's unhappiness after Igrot kidnaps him. Although they had no contact for many years, and Kennit now only sees his mother sporadically, it is clear that she still loves him very much.

As an adult, Kennit's relationship with his mother is strained - he visits her occasionally but keeps her at arms length, telling her to stop fussing when she cries over his missing leg. He brings her possessions, and occasionally people, to live with her.

She is a devout follower of Sa.

After Kennit's death, his mother is devastated, and dedicates herself to Etta and her unborn child with Kennit.

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