Lucto 'Lucky' Ludluck was a Bingtown Liveship Trader and father of Kennit Ludluck, King of the Pirate Isles. Lucto's father Sedge was a greedy trader who died at the barganing table, leaving the Liveship Paragon to his son Lucto.

Even prior to his father's death, Lucky known for his connections to the Pirate Isles where his easygoing demeanor impressed and earned the trust of the Pirates. Where his father viewed only business contacts and profits, Lucky saw the Pirate Isles as an escape from the social demands of Bingtown

When his father died, Lucky established a new home port for the Paragon and its crew on Key Island , relying on the goodwill of his crew to keep their secret home safe. He married 'Mother' Ludluck, a woman of Divvytown and his son Kennit Ludluck was born at this time.

One of the crew supposedly sold the location of Key Island Igrot who decieved Lucky with promises of partnership before turning on him, enslaving, killing or torturing the crew and family of Paragon.

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