Laudwine is the leader of the Piebalds, an extreme faction among the Witted. He and Fitz are highly antagonistic, especially since Fitz's charge, Prince Dutiful, is involved. Fitz cuts off Laudwine's arm in self-defense and later kills him in order to save Civil Bresinga.

Laudwine also has a sister who died of a disease and took refuge in her Wit-partner, the Mistcat that had been offered to Prince Dutiful by the Bresinga's. She seeks to deepen the wit bond with the cat by pretending letting the cat lead Dutiful to her and promising affectionate love so she can bridge the Wit into Dutiful's body and live once more as a human. This is considered a perversion by those who practice the Old Blood magic. Fitz kills the cat which also ends Peladine's life, after the cat begged Fitz to kill her.