Lant, sometimes known as FitzVigilant or Lantern Fallstar, is the son of Chade Fallstar and Huntswoman Laurel.

Character Edit

When Hunstwoman Laurel became pregnant by Chade, she rejected his offer of marriage and left Buckeep; she later died shortly after Lant's birth. Lant is given to Lord Vigilant to disguise his origin, and Vigilant's debts are paid off in exchange. He is given the name FitzVigilant as part of the charade, though Chade had wanted to call him Lantern Fallstar; the nickname "Lant" refers to both.

Fitz notes that Lant's Farseer features are somewhat less obvious than those of his half-sister Shine.

Events Edit

Chade attempts to train Lant as his apprentice, but Lant does not have an appropriate temperament for the work. Instead, Lant is sent to tutor Bee and the other children at Withywoods. He dislikes this duty, which causes their education to suffer.

Lant enjoys Shun's company and steadily flirts with her, much to Bee's disgust.

Lant is in the midst of teaching the children when the Servants raid Withywoods. He ventures to the yard to investigate their disturbance and is stabbed with a sword. He, like nearly everyone else at Withywoods, then yields to the Skill-fog that Vindeliar places upon the estate, becoming indifferent to the kidnappings of Bee and Shine. He later believes that his sword-wound arose from falling on a pitchfork in the stables while drunk.

Lant's Skill-fog is lifted by the use of elfbark when Fitz returns to Withywoods, and he feels great shame when he is able to recall his inaction during the raid.

Chade encourages Fitz to allow Lant to accompany him to Clerres on his mission of revenge against the servants, but Fitz remains unimpressed by Lant's abilities and refuses to accept his company. Lant eventually learns that much of Fitz's dislike stems from Lant's ill treatment of Bee, particularly Lant's neglect of her the night that they returned from the Oaksbywater market without Fitz.

When Fitz begins his journey, Lant unexpectedly grabs him and they pass through the Skill-pillar to the Mountains together. Lant has scant knowledge of survival, but slowly learns from Fitz and Perseverance such skills as cooking porridge over a campfire.

Lant fares much better when their group arrives in Kelsingra, as he is much more comfortable navigating the social challenges of meeting Queen Malta and King Reyn.

During the journey from the Rain Wilds to Clerres, Lant becomes romantically involved with Spark. He prevents their relationship from becoming physical, stating that there are already too many bastards in his family tree.