Kendry is the liveship of the Khuprus family.

Character Edit

Kendry's figurehead is carved in the visage of a young man.

Events Edit

The Liveship Traders Trilogy Edit

Kendry is anchored at Trehaug when Malta Vestrit, Satrap Cosgo, and Kekki travel down the Rain Wild River in a small boat after escaping from Frengong. Malta calls to Kendry to help them stop, but the ship does not hear her.

After the truth about liveships is revealed, Kendry becomes dejected. Reyn Khuprus privately doubts if Kendry will be able to accept the truth of his own existence.

The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy Edit

Kendry is the third liveship, after Paragon and Vivacia, to consume Silver and become his dragon self. Kendry emerges as a black male dragon with orange, pink and red stripes and spots.

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