Kebal Rawbread is an Outislander raider who lead the Red Ship Raiders.

Character Edit

Much of Rawbread's power comes from his alliance with the Pale Woman, who believes that he is her Catalyst.

Events Edit

Fool's Fate Edit

After the failure of the Red Ship Raiders to conquer the Six Duchies, the Pale Woman is enraged with Rawbread. She has him partially Forged, driving him insane, and keeps him restrained in her throne room in her fortress on Aslevjal, where she feeds him raw human flesh. She dismisses him to FitzChivalry Farseer and the Fool as a failed Catalyst.

When Icefyre is freed, Rawbread is fed to the Pale Woman's stone dragon. He manages to grab the Pale Woman long enough for her hands to be consumed by the dragon as well, which eventually results in her death. Rawbread's spirit is enough to bring the dragon to life.

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