Kalo is a dragon drake from Maulkin's Tangle. He is blue-black in coloration and the largest dragon of the group. He is of middling intelligence and memory and occasionally attempts to assert his dominance by virtue of physical strength. He is originally paired with Greft but have a falling out when Greft desires to sell dragon parts from the dying Relpda. After Greft attempts to forcefully acquire blood from Kalo to save his own life, he is replaced as keeper by Davvie.

Dragon KeeperEdit

Dragon HavenEdit

City of DragonsEdit

After Greft's death Kalo is left keeperless, something he is displeased with. Kalo chooses Davvie as his new keeper with the belief that the boy will be efficient and the best possible choice for a caregiver. Kalo soon after decides to shape Davvie into an Elderling. 

Blood of DragonsEdit

When Tintaglia is found, mortally wounded, by the dragons of Kelsingra, Kalo is given the rights to Tintaglia's memories when she dies. Instead of traditionally waiting for her death, Kalo tends to Tintaglia in the hopes that she will recover and choose him as a mate since he finds her more that suitable. When Tintaglia recovers and the dragons decide to wage war against Chalced, Kalo begins passively making claim to Tintaglia which stirs Icefyre into aggression in return. During the summer after the war Kalo and Icefyre had competed in a mating battle for Tintaglia to which Kalo won. Though Tintaglia's first batch of eggs was of Icefyre, Kalo vows to cause no harm to any of her unborn young. 

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