Jhaampe is the capital city of the Mountain Kingdom.

Description Edit

Jhaampe is mentioned in the children's rhyme about wise men who travelled to Jhaampe town and what happened to them. Jhaampe is an inconstant city, made up of few permanent buildings. It comprises many areas for the nomadic mountain people to camp in, stay for a while, then leave again. There are a number of beautiful gardens which are tended by everyone in the city. Among the permanent buildings in the mountain capital is the palace, home of the Sacrifice of the Mountain Kingdom. This was made - or rather, 'grown' - by selecting a central tree, and planting several saplings around it. These trees are pulled in towards the central tree as they grow. When large enough, the tops of the trees are bound together and stripped of branches. The structure is then covered with barkcloth and coated in a kind of clay. This is painted in bright colours, often yellows, oranges and purples. Completed, the palace looks much like a closed tulip or crocus.

Events Edit

Assassin's Apprentice Edit

The wedding of Verity Farseer and Kettricken is conducted in Jhaampe, with Verity participating remotely from Buckkeep. Before the ceremony, Rurisk is poisoned by Regal's men.

Assassin's Quest Edit

Kettricken and the Fool flee to Jhaampe after Fitz's death. Kettricken gives birth to a stillborn child, whom she names Sacrifice.

After the events in the quarry, the Fool returns to Jhaampe and assumes the guise of a woodworker and toymaker. He lives there for several years.