Jerd is an Elderling and Dragon Keeper to Veras, a female dragon queen. Described as having short cut blonde hair, green scaling  and a lithe body, she was heavily marked by the Rain Wilds at birth.

Her promiscuity with the male Dragon Keepers leads to discord within the group until she is officially claimed by Greft. When it is discovered that Jerd is pregnant, Greft also claims her child despite not knowing for sure who the father is. Jerd later miscarries her child aboard the Tarman, after Greft abandons the group. Greft is found dead soon after Jerd's miscarriage.

When FitzChivalry Farseer visits Kelsingra, it is revealed that Jerd had given birth to a daughter, but had decided she was not meant to be a mother, and given the girl to Sedric and Carson to raise.

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