Jek is a sailor and a guard of Amber's shop in Bingtown.

Character Edit

Jek is originally from the Six Duchies, specifically Shoaks, although she now lives and works in and around Bingtown. She is very tall and strong, with short blonde hair. Jek is noted for having a remarkable sexual appetite, constantly flirting with her fellow crew members.

Events Edit

The Mad Ship Edit

Amber, who has taken to sleeping aboard Paragon, hires Jek to remain in her bead shop at night to protect against burglary. When Jek first meets Althea Vestrit, who is disguised as a boy at the time, she finds her very attractive. Jek quickly realizes the truth, but teases Althea by asking if she has any brothers.

Jek joins the hands that Brashen Trell hires to repair the Paragon to seaworthiness. Jek is more than capable of matching the work of the men. Both Althea and Brashen express concerns that her promiscuity could cause interpersonal problems at sea, but Jek insists no trouble will occur.

On the Paragon, Jek shares a tiny cabin with Amber and Althea. After the Paragon encounters a serpent, Jek is assigned to instruct the woefully-uneducated crew in weapon drills.

Ship of Destiny Edit

After Paragon catches up with Vivacia, Jek and Althea are sent to go aboard Vivacia. On their way over, however, Kennit commands his serpents to attack the Paragon. Jek and Althea's rowboat is capsized in the chaos. Jek attempts to rescue Althea, but both come close to drowning until Kennit commands that they are brought aboard Vivacia.

Golden Fool Edit

Jek arrives in Buckkeep as part of a Bingtown contingent. Believing herself employed as a go-between for Amber and her business partner Lord Golden, Jek makes her way to Lord Golden's chamber. She meets Lord Golden's servingman Tom Badgerlock and, recognizing his face as that now carved on Paragon's figurehead, believes she has met Amber's paramour. Jek greets Tom as such, and is confused when he becomes uncomfortable and insists he does not know an Amber. When Lord Golden arrives, Jek discovers that he is Amber, and questions the practicalities of the disguise as they pertain to her relationship with Tom.

Jek and Amber discuss Amber's unrequited affection for Tom and news from Bingtown. For the rest of her visit, Jek spends a great deal of time with Amber. Shortly before she departs, she accosts Tom in a corridor and apologizes insincerely for mistaking the nature of his relationship with Amber; she then tells him that he is stupid and cruel.