Jani Khuprus is a Rain Wild Trader and the matriarch of the Khuprus family.

Character Edit

Like the other Rain Wild Traders, Jani is marked by the Rain Wilds and frequently goes hooded and gloved in Bingtown. However, her markings are less severe than many other Rain Wilders. She has pebbly growths on her eyelids and around her lips and a faint bluish glow to her eyes, hair, teeth, and nails.

Jani is not heartless, but like many Traders, she is frugal and views contractual obligations as superseding all else.

Events Edit

Ship of Magic Edit

Jani is one of the Rain Wild Traders who requests an audience with the Old Traders in Bingtown. Outside of the concourse, Malta Vestrit introduces herself to Jani and inquires about the flame jewels decorating her clothing. Jani speaks to the gathered Traders about the need to unite against the threat of the New Traders and request aid from the Satrap, suggesting that Bingtown send a delegation to Jamaillia City to ask directly. During the meeting, Malta leaves the concourse, encounters Jani's son Reyn, and inadvertently begins a courtship with him.

Jani visits Ronica and Keffria Vestrit unexpectedly with Caolwn Festrew, who admits that the Festrew family has transferred the contract for the Vestrit liveship Vivacia to the Khuprus family. The forgiveness of the debt is intended as a bridal gift for the marriage of Reyn and Malta.

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