Igrot, also known as Igrot the Bold and Igrot the Terrible, was a pirate captain living some thirty years before the events of Liveship Traders. During his life he raided and burned many towns, one of which was the Ludluck settlement on Key Island. This enabled him to capture the liveship Paragon, with which he amassed a vast fortune. Igrot retained the young Kennit Ludluck on board as a means of controlling Paragon.

Igrot's symbol was a seven-pointed star, which he had carved into Paragon's chest and tattooed on Kennit's hip.

History Edit

Igrot visited Lucto Ludluck on Key Island and proposed that they become partners in trade and piracy. However, Igrot's proposal was a sham, and he burned the settlement on Key Island and took control of the liveship Paragon. He tortured Lucto to death and had Lucto's wife's tongue cut out before abandoning her on the ruined island. He kept their son Kennit with him in order to maintain his control over the ship.

Igrot frequently raped and tortured Kennit for his own amusement, even going so far as to kill him twice. Paragon revived Kennit both times. During this time, Kennit became withdrawn and silent, hardly speaking for three years. It is suggested that this elective mutism is the only reason Igrot did not cut out Kennit's tongue, as he believed his secrets were safe with a boy who was too terrified to speak.

Igrot used Paragon for piracy to great effect, eventually capturing a heavily-laden tribute barge meant for the Satrap. He had Paragon navigate up the Rain Wild River to find a place to hide his vast treasure. He then had Paragon blinded to prevent him from leading anyone back to the trove. Igrot forced Kennit to perform the blinding with a hatchet.

Igrot was eventually killed by Kennit, who poisoned and then beat him to death on the ship, where Igrot's blood soaked into Paragon's wizardwood. The pirate's lingering influence is presumably what causes the ship to shock Brashen Trell by proudly telling horrific stories of rape and murder committed on his decks.

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