'Holly is a witted woman living outside of Crowsneck with her husband, Black Rolf, his wit-bond Hilda, and her wit-bond Sleet. She seems to be naturally quiet and shy.

FitzChivalry Farseer meets Holly when Black Rolf invites him and Nighteyes to their cabin. Fitz shares a meal with them, leaves that night to continue his quest to kill Regal. Later in his travels he receives a message that Holly sent to him with Sleet.

After completing his quest Fitz spends several months living near Holly and Black Rolf to learn the ways of the Old Bloods. Eventually he decides to leave because he does not wish to fully integrate into the Old Blood lifestyle.

Some point after Black Rolf's death, Holly shares information on Fitz' identity with Web. Web makes his knowledge clear to Fitz, as well as where he learned it, but does not reveal it publicly.

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