Hod is the weapons master at Buckkeep Castle under King Shrewd.

Character Edit

She is said to be quite stern and works her students hard but is a fair teacher and a fine one. It is assumed she is rather old.

Hod is devoted to Verity after he becomes King-in-Waiting. In Fool's Quest, it is revealed that Verity commissioned Hod to fashion a crown for Fitz in the event of his ascension to the throne.

Events Edit

Assassin's Apprentice Edit

Hod teaches Fitz swordsmanship. Lacey is also among one of her students.

Hod is announced deceased during Verity Farseer's quest to find the Elderlings, presumably killed by Regal Farseer's mercenaries along with many of Verity's other soldiers and guards on his travels.


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