Hest Finbok is the heir to his father and the Finbok Family. He is a trader who is well known for his good looks, charm and outrageous parties where he travels cities with a pack of other men. He demands the best of food, drink and pleasures without thought to cost.

When his father demands he produce an heir, Hest marries Alise Kincarron. He informs her that it is a marriage of convenience but more than that, it is a cover for his long term relationship with Sedric Meldar, his secretary. Rarely spending time with his wife in the bedroom or out, he fails to produce the heir his father demands of him.

Cruel and domineering, Hest willingly manipulates the emotions of others for fun and profit. Sedric recalls many occasions when Hest would 'freeze' someone out of social circles as punishment or as a game. Prone to foul moods, Hest takes out his black temper on others with unkind words and insults. Occasionally giving in to physical violence, he favors more subtle means such as nearly leaving Sedric in a foreign port or demanding he do unpleasant tasks. 

His poor relationship with his wife culminates with her demanding to go to The Rain Wilds as stipulated in their marriage contract. Forced into it, he sends Sedric with her as a convulted punishment and carries on with his trading business.

He is both glad to see his wife gone on the Tarman Expedition but furious that she made a mockery of him in doing so. Later this turns to greed as Alise's part in the discovery of Kelsingra would grant her a 1/24th share of the profits. He also hopes to push a succesful claim that Sedric was representing his interests as his employee to provide him with a full 1/12th. Nevertheless he was rejected by both Alise and Sedric. He attempted to seduce Davvie, also to poor result. After being slapped first by Davvie and then by Sedric, he wandered to dragon baths where he met Kalo. Being full of himself as usual, he tried to take control of the dragon, who had other plans for him. He met his demise as dragon meal.

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