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Heeby by Jackie Morris

Heeby is one of the newly hatched dragons whose keeper is Rapskal . She is scrawny and red, and not very intelligent. Perhaps unique among dragons she either cannot recall or surrendered her old name, adopting Rapskal's name for her as her true name.

With one wing originally notably larger than the other she was unable to fly though practiced doing so under Rapksal's supervision. Unlike many of the other dragons, she views no shame in being ridden.

The Dragon KeeperEdit

Dragon HavenEdit

During the flashflood on the journey Kelsingra she and Rapskal are separated from the group and left on an old Elderling home. There she consumes formerly domesticated livestock and sleeps on a dragon heating bed until capable of flying. She is the first to discover Kelsingra and leads the others there when reunited.

City of DragonsEdit

Blood of DragonsEdit


Heeby and Rapskal by Jackie Morris

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