Forge is a small town in coastal Buck. It is recognized as the site of the first attack by Red Ship Raiders to produced Forged Ones, which draw their name from the town.

History Edit

Forge was originally named for the rich metal ore deposits that gave the town its wealth.

Events Edit

Assassin's Apprentice Edit

The attack on Forge occurs unexpectedly, while King-in-Waiting Verity is in Neatbay negotiating with Kelvar. Chade, in disguise as Lady Thyme, receives a message that the town has been raided and its citizens captured. The message further specifies that a ransom must be paid or the citizens will be returned. Chade and Fitz are puzzled by this demand, and ride overnight to reach Forge as quickly as possible.

When they reach Forge, they find less destruction than expected. Fitz is surprised when Chade points out several townsfolk, as he is unable to sense them with the Wit. They attempt to approach the townsfolk, but the men and women begin to attack them instead; Fitz and Chade are forced to fight them off.

Later, Fitz is dropped off near Forge during Galen's final test of his Skill abilities. Fitz suspects that this is deliberate, and that Galen does not intend for him to be able to return to Buckkeep in the allotted time. Fitz is forced to defend himself from Forged Ones as he makes his way back to the castle.

Fool's Errand Edit

Fitz, in disguise as Tom Badgerlock, settles in a small cabin not far from Forge, where he lives for over a decade. He often reflects on the cabin's proximity to the origin of so much suffering in the Six Duchies.

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