Ephron 'Phron' Vestrit was a Bingtown Trader. He is married to Ronica Vestrit, and they have two surviving children, Keffria and Althea. Ephron inherited the Liveship Vivacia whose keel was layed by his grandmother.

He was described as 'large', both in appearance and personality. A trader with an enormous and muscled appearance, he was loud and friendly and seemingly well liked by all. Coming from a traditional Bingtown Trader family he opposed the Chalced ways of keeping slaves and women servile. He left his wife to handle the monetary affairs while he traded for most of the year.

Having fathered three sons, Ephron was left horrified when plague killed all of his sons. He delayed his trading that year for Ronica to give birth and rather than be disappointed by another daughter, he claimed her as the heir to the liveship and took her aboard as soon as she was of age.

Ephron believed the plague that killed his sons came from up the Rain Wild River and despite having a liveship decided never again to trade up river. He claimed that all magic had a price, even if just trading in it and instead stuck to the exotic goods from southern islands making a smaller profit.

A hard and fair captain, he kept his ship clean of drugs and would give sailors seeking employment a chance when others would not. Notoriously, he employed Brashen Trell after he was rejected by his family, eventually promoting the young sailor to first mate and even inviting him regularly into his home.

He never had a good relationship with his son in law Kyle Haven and allowed his grandson Wintrow Vestrit to be sent away to the priests of Sa. Althea notes belatedly that had he known what a competent captain Wintrow would become, he never would have allowed him to be sent away.

Stricken by a wasting illness, Ephron conceded ownership of Vivacia to his older daughter Keffria at his wife's request, fearing that separating the ship from the land holdings would beggar the family. He died on the deck of his ship, quickening her to life.

Years after his death, his great-grandson Ephron Khuprus is named in his memory.