Elliania Blackwater is the Outislander Narcheska of the Narwhal clan and the intended of Prince Dutiful Farseer.

Character Edit

Elliania is short and slight, with long black hair. Although she is young, only thirteen when expected to marry Dutiful, she is headstrong and meets challenges with courage. She has an eagerness to prove herself and her temper is quick to rise.

Although Arkon Bloodblade fathered Elliania, raising her fell to her mother clan, as is customary in the Out Islands; specifically, Elliania is close to her maternal uncle, Peottre Blackwater.

Events Edit

Golden Fool Edit

Elliania arrives in Buckkeep for her betrothal ceremony to Prince Dutiful with her father Arkon Bloodblade, her uncle Peottre, and her servant Henja. When Fitz is in the castle's secret passages, he observes Elliania reluctantly practicing the dances she is expected to perform at the ceremony. Elliania grows frustrated contemplating her impending marriage, but Peottre manages to comfort her. The two immediately become serious when Henja enters. She then offends Peottre by offering Elliania an inappropriately suggestive dress. Peottre refuses, but Henja tells them that "the Lady" insists. Fitz then observes Elliania react as if in pain before acquiescing.

Many of the women of her clan opposed Elliania's marriage to Prince Dutiful, finding it offensive that she would have to leave her homeland to live in the Six Duchies with him. It is Elliania who asks Dutiful to slay the Outislander dragon Icefyre. At first her motives are unclear in requesting this, but it is eventually revealed that the Pale Woman keeps Elliania's mother and younger sister hostage to force the Narwhal clan into doing her bidding. The Pale Woman is also responsible for the intricate tattooing of Elliania's back with serpents and dragons; these tattoos were partially fashioned with the Pale Woman's blood, and she uses the pain she can create with them to punish Elliania from afar.

She falls in love with Dutiful, enough so that she gives up her position of Narcheska to become Queen of the Six Duchies, something that the Outislanders consider to be a lowering of status.

Elliania and Dutiful have two sons together, Prosper and Integrity, but Elliania is saddened that she has not managed to have a daughter to send back to her clan to be their Narcheska. While Fitz is travelling to Clerres, he receives word from Dutiful via the Skill that Elliania is pregnant again. She vows that, boy or girl, the child will be names Promise.