Dwalia is a Lingstra of the Servants who leads the raid on Withywoods with Ellik and kidnaps Bee Farseer.

Character Edit

Dwalia is plump, with the round face, pale complexion, and white hair of the Servants. She has achieved the rank of Lingstra among the Servants. The Fool describes her as seeming kindly, which enables her to easily manipulate others. Dwalia viewed his torture in Clerres with enjoyment, even mocking his pain. She was granted permission by Symphe to leave Clerres and seek the Unexpected Son.

Events Edit

Fool's Quest Edit

Dwalia discovers Bee during the raid on Withywoods, and believes that Bee is the Unexpected Son she was seeking. However, she is also fooled by Bee's appearance, believing Bee to be both a boy and a much younger child. She orders her luriks to treat Bee with respect, calling her the Servants' name for an untrained prophet, "shaysim." When Bee is upset by the near-rape of Shun, Dwalia is quick to obey her desires, insisting that Shun also be taken and kept safe.

Dwalia attempts to have Bee transcribe her prophetic dreams, but is disappointed when Bee claims to be illiterate. Dwalia is further disturbed when she discovers Bee having an episode of skin-shedding fever that manifests paler skin. Despite the growing concerns of her retinue, Dwalia insists that there is no cause for alarm and that all will be well if they follow her plan.

During their travel from Withywoods to the port from which they plan to sail for Chalced, Dwalia and Ellik further feud over their route and Dwalia's control of Vindeliar. Ellik wishes to use Vindeliar's talents to make their journey easier, but Dwalia refuses, insisting that doing so would diverge from the path that has been foreseen. Ellik and his soldiers eventually become fed up with Dwalia and claim Vindeliar for their own, encouraging him to do their bidding by praising and welcoming him within their ranks. Dwalia is aghast when Vindeliar uses his abilities to steal food, money, and clothing from a nearby town, and refuses to partake in any of their spoils. When the soldiers begin raping Odessa and order Vindeliar to do the same, Dwalia does not notice Bee and Shun quietly escaping. Dwalia attempts to intervene with the soldiers before Vindeliar's distress bursts from him and destroys the campsite.

Bee and Shun are returned to Dwalia by the soldier Kerf. She uses a thin glove, to which is attached the three Skill-coated fingerprints of the Fool's left hand, to enter a Skill-pillar with Bee and the luriks. They become lost in the Skill current for several months before emerging in the Mountain Kingdom.

Assassin's Fate Edit

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