Dragons are enormous flying lizards of legend. Extinct in the Realm of the Elderlings they return to existence with the help of the Khuprus family. They exist in four states: egg, serpent, cocoon and dragon. They have numerous abilities including magic, telepathy, acid breath and more. A healthy dragon maintains the memories of its ancestors.

Dragons are hatched from eggs, seemingly on the Island of the Others into aquatic serpents which freely roam the oceans until they reach the size and age to make the journey up the Rain Wild River to form a cocoon at Frengong. There, they would be tended by Elderlings before hatching in the height of summer to feast and grow to maturity. A healthy dragon would hatch fully capable of flight and hunting. Dragons are also capable of intentionally turning humans into Elderlings, shaping them into their own image.

After the volcanic cataclysm killed off nearly every dragon and Elderling, the few cocoons held in safety by the Elderlings at Trehaug were buried. Uncovered by the Rain Wild Traders, the cocoons were regarded magical logs dubbed Wizardwood and were cut to produce magical artifacts and ships capable of traversing the acidic Rain Wild River. The true nature of the logs was discovered and covered up. Eventually the largest cocoon mentally reached out to Reyn Khuprus and Malta Vestrit and convinced them to expose her to sunlight, allowing the hatching of Tintaglia.

Tintaglia initially refused communication with humans, only softening over their genocide on their agreement to allow a serpent migration up the Rain Wild River for her defence. When the serpents hatched into deformed dragons she abandoned them in search of other dragons. She eventually found Icefyre who had been frozen for many years on the island of Aslevjal in the Out Islands.

Most of the newly hatched dragons died over the following years, leaving only fifteen dragons out of the hundred serpents. The malnourished and slightly deformed dragons were led by Mercor up the Rain Wild River to Kelsingra.

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