Cob is a dog boy who works for Burrich in Buckkeep.

Events Edit

Cob is friendly to Fitz when Fitz first arrives at Buckkeep Castle.

At some point, Cob became loyal to Regal Farseer.

When Fitz is sent away to attempt Galen's final Skill-test, Cob attempts to murder Burrich. The dog Smithy intervenes, and Cob kills him.

Cob accompanies Regal and the rest of the party who journey to the Mountain Kingdom to perform the marriage of Verity Farseer and Kettricken. He is privy to Regal's plot to dispose of Fitz by framing him for the murder of Prince Rurisk. Cob enters the tent where Rurisk, Fitz, and Kettricken are talking in time to see Rurisk collapse from the poison placed in their wine by Regal. Fitz stabs Cob with a poisoned knife, killing him.

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