Clef is a ship's boy who joins the crew of the Paragon when it sets out on its journey to rescue Kyle Haven.

Character Edit

Clef is originally from the Six Duchies, but was brought to Bingtown as a slave when he was still a child. He speaks with a strong Six Duchies accent. He becomes a stable boy for Davad Restart.

Events Edit

The Mad Ship Edit

After a meeting at the Traders' Concourse, Althea Vestrit takes Davad's vandalized carriage back to his home. She meets Clef, and she orders Davad to free him. Clef returns to the Vestrit home with her.

There, Ronica, Keffria, and Malta Vestrit, as well as Brashen Trell and Amber, are discussing the pirate Kennit's capture of the Vivacia. When the idea of refurbishing and sailing the Paragon is put forth, Clef insists on becoming Brashen's first hired hand.

Clef quickly distinguishes himself as capable and hardworking, if a bit stubborn and mischievous. He teases Althea for her romantic entanglement with Brashen.

He is still working on the Paragon when Alise Kincarron and Sedric Meldar take the ship from Bingtown to the Rain Wilds in The Dragon Keeper.

Assassin's Fate Edit

Clef still works aboard the Paragon with Brashen and Althea. When Fitz arrives on the ship, he notes that Clef's accent still flavors his words, but has become so diluted as to be unrecognizable.