Prince Chivalry Farseer is the eldest son of Shrewd Farseer and Queen Constance, and the father of FitzChivalry Farseer.

History Edit

Chivalry conceived Fitz with an unknown woman while he was in the Mountain Kingdom.

He later married Lady Patience against the wishes of his parents. The two have a happy marriage, but are unable to conceive an heir.

Character Edit

Chivalry has a younger brother, Verity, and a younger half-brother, Regal. As the eldest son, he became King-in-Waiting of the Six Duchies, and seems to have the approval of both nobles and common folk. In fact, Chivalry is spoken of highly by nearly everyone who knows him. While most say he is indeed chivalrous, sometimes to a fault, he is largely seen as a charismatic man, capable of solving delicate issues with his great talent for diplomacy. Verity often compares himself unfavorably to his elder brother where both political and personal maneuvering are concerned.

Chivalry enjoys hawking and horseback riding. He is very close with Burrich, who saves his life on at least one occasion. Burrich also acts as King's Man for Chivalry; unbeknownst to Burrich, Chivalry seals him from the awareness of other Skill-users to protect himself. Chivalry is talented in the Skill, but displays little finesse with it; Verity likens a Skilling from Chivalry to "being trampled by a horse."

FitzChivalry is said to bear a great resemblance to his father, in physical appearance as well as demeanor.

Events Edit

Upon learning of his illegitimate son, and the distress it causes Patience, Chivalry decides to abdicate the throne and leaves Buckkeep for his home in Withywoods.

Chivalry dies at Withywoods, ostensibly after being thrown from his horse. As he was an exceptional rider, some remain suspicious of this story. In particular, Burrich and Chade suspect the machinations of Queen Desire to remove Chivalry from the line of succession.

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